5 Amazing Benefits of BARDOX NUTRI DETOX BAR


Everyone loves to enjoy good food but with too much good food comes a great price – this is where concerns revolving weight, health and beauty arise. In order to resolve these concerns, many health and beauty products spring up in the market boasting about their effectiveness on weight loss and detoxification. 


One such product called BARDOX NUTRI DETOX BAR stands to be one proven detox and slimming solution but is it really that good to be true? Let’s find out together!


The Ultimate Energy Bar Unveiled 

So what is the rave about this DETOX NUTRI BAR by BARDOX


The BARDOX NUTRI DETOX BAR is an energy snack created by BARDOX Malaysia, an up-and-coming local health brand in the health food industry, made with safe, natural ingredients combined to deliver its consumers a complete nutritional package. 


This nutrient-rich bar comes in a vibrant yellow and black packaging that is convenient enough to carry and snack on the go, and serves as a meal replacement alternative.


5 Benefits of Nutri Detox Bar

The yummy yet nutrient-rich BARDOX NUTRI DETOX BAR. Source: bardox.co


As the first ever multifunctional energy bar in Malaysia, it aims to solve toxin troubles and obesity issues by incorporating ingredients that speed up removal of toxins from the body and relieve constipation. This leads to improved overall health and beauty without any BARDOX nutri bar side effects, thus giving consumers the power to reclaim and boost their self-confidence.


Rejuvenating Health and Beauty with BARDOX’s Nutri Bar

5 Benefits of Nutri Detox Bar

You don’t need to go through painful procedures to get your ideal figure, just take BARDOX NUTRI DETOX BAR! Source: tallypress.com


BARDOX NUTRI DETOX BAR is the perfect food to include into your diet if you have been toying with the idea of detox and slimming. This amazing treat is also great for people suffering from the following common unpleasant conditions:


  • Dull skin
  • Bad breath
  • Constipation
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Acne
  • Weight gain


Who doesn’t love to get rid of the above health conditions? And BARDOX sounds like a great deal in overcoming them all! 


Want to know more about the benefits of this superfood? Read on!


The 5 BARDOX NUTRI DETOX BAR Benefits Not to be Missed

5 Benefits of Nutri Detox Bar

5 Benefits of Nutri Detox BarSo many benefits in just one BARDOX NUTRI DETOX BAR! Source: bardox.co


We all know a low-calorie diet is the way to go if you want to achieve an ideal figure as well as maintaining a healthier lifestyle. The BARDOX NUTRI DETOX BAR serves as a low-calorie solution, and we have summarised the 5 amazing benefits you will get out of this nutritious snack:


1. Detox

Those who are looking to detoxify their body will be happy to know this energy bar will improve their stomach problems and ease constipation due to the high amount of dietary fibre present. Hello healthy body, goodbye toxins!


2. Healthcare

This detox bar does more than just detox – it actually helps protect your intestinal health in the process and prevent urinary tract infections. Not only that but it also prevents anemia and maintains your three “highs” (blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels) at a healthy range, so you can stay healthy and happy.


3. Slimming

With this nutri bar, you’ll get slim in no time since this bar boosts your metabolism to reduce fat accumulation as well as getting rid of the toxins from the body. Now that’s sexy!


4. Beauty

Beauty is skin deep, and this health bar knows enough. Nom-nom this snack and be on your way to an improved blood circulation plus healthy skin! And oh, did we mention you can delay aging with it too?


5. Meal Replacement  

This nutri bar is no joke when the BARDOX company says it can increase satiety. Just a bar will keep you feeling full yet recharged with energy to get going throughout the day!

5 Benefits of Nutri Detox Bar

A summary of BARDOX NUTRI DETOX BAR benefits. Source: BARDOX



Well, it’s not called a 5-in-1 bar for nothing! However, despite all the benefits listed above, you probably wonder, what is inside this energy bar that makes it such a wonderful food? Let’s delve right into the ingredients.


BARDOX Ingredients: Secret Recipe Revealed 

5 Benefits of Nutri Detox Bar

The 20 natural ingredients that are found in BARDOX NUTRI DETOX BAR. Source: BARDOX



As a consumer, it is always important to know and be aware of the ingredients that constitute the food you are eating, and we have the secret recipe of this superfood revealed! 


This nutritious snack is made of 20 main ingredients, and each BARDOX ingredient is ethically sourced to ensure its premium quality.


These are:

  • Cranberry & Dried Cranberry: Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants yet high in fibre, these super berries enhance your beauty and aids in regulating the three highs of health, namely high blood pressure, high blood glucose and high cholesterol.
  • Blueberry: This is another super berry that helps improve eyesight and beauty effect as it is rich in anthocyanins, which are natural antioxidants.

  • Raisin: It is known to provide energy due to its high glucose content, and its high fibre, minerals and vitamins also promote efficient digestion and detoxification as well as enhancing beauty.

  • Aloe Vera: A popular plant that has proven effect on improving skin beauty. It also helps prevent constipation with its high fibre and water content.

  • Puffed Rice: An energy provider that promotes digestion and gets rid of excessive fats.

  • Cocoa Puffed Rice: This basic food also gives energy and increases satiety, contributing to fewer meal consumption.

  • Vegetable Oil: Another source of energy, vegetable oil helps to nourish the skin while protecting the liver.

  • Chia Seed: This natural provider of omega-3 fatty acid, protein, dietary fibre and minerals is able to absorb water and expand to give a feeling of satiety, thus aiding in weight loss and slimming.

  • Inulin: This is a great proliferative factor for probiotics so that there’s more beneficial gut bacteria in the body to reduce intestinal inflammation.

  • Honey: An easy-to-absorb source of energy that helps combat fatigue and eases constipation while enhancing skin health and beauty.

  • White Kidney Bean: This bean helps to regulate the blood pressure, glucose level and cholesterol level, promotes the burning of fats and reduces glucose absorption in the body.

  • Date Paste: Another high source of energy and fibre that serves to relieve constipation, promote digestion as well as increasing metabolism.

  • White & Black Sesame: These seeds are rich in healthy fat, dietary fibre, protein and lecithin that promotes immunity, bone health and healthy hair as they regulate the three “highs” as well.

  • Oat Fibre: Bowel movement and digestion are made easier with oat fibre, with zero calories and zero sugar!

  • Wheat Fibre: This is another important source of energy and plant protein that helps prevent constipation problems while strengthening the spleen and kidneys.

  • Apple Fibre: This low calorie ingredient is well known to promote slimming and keeps skin beautiful.

  • Rolled Oats: Rich in dietary fibre and beta glucan, this low sugar yet high protein and energy food increases satiety, aids bowel movement and regulates the three “highs”.


You will be surprised to know this energy bar is a low calorie food compared to other energy bars in the market, providing just 72 kcal per bar that is equivalent to an apple despite being packed with great nutrients. 

Little wonder this nutri bar is hailed as the nation’s healthiest food option to consume, anytime and anywhere! So how should you eat it to reap the maximum benefits?


Tips to Enjoy BARDOX NUTRI DETOX BAR for Better Results

5 Benefits of Nutri Detox Bar

Eat BARDOX NUTRI DETOX BAR, feel full and let the cleansing take place! Source: bardox.co


Want to get the most out of this awesome snack? Check out the tips below as recommended on the BARDOX website:


  • Drink at least 3 litres water every day to stay healthy and hydrated
  • Complement your BARDOX bar intake by avoiding foods that have heavy or strong flavour and high in calories
  • Replace your breakfast with a BARDOX bar with any drink of your choice such as coffee, milk, juice, etc
  • Consume a BARDOX bar 20 minutes before your meals to let that satiety effect kick in


Amazing Benefits, Real Results

Here you go on our BARDOX nutri bar review! For such a compact sized energy bar, the BARDOX NUTRI DETOX BAR is certainly a health and beauty food that promises not only the amazing benefits from the natural, safe ingredients within, but most importantly, the much needed real results.


So if you are serious about changing your lifestyle towards a healthier way, look no further – just start with BARDOX NUTRI DETOX BAR!

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